University of Padova, Italy

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UniPD Students

We are always looking out for motivated students interested in joining or collaborating with the VIMP group!

Master's Students

If you are looking for a Master Thesis (LM Computer Science or LM Data Science) please contact Lamberto Ballan to schedule a meeting. Currently we are working on several amazing projects that involve:

  • Action/activity understanding in videos, action prediction and anticipation.
  • Visual representation learning from noisy data (e.g. images from social networks).
  • Human (agent) behavior analysis and trajectory prediction in the crowd.
  • Image geolocalization and large-scale image retrieval with CNNs.
  • Language and vision: visual relationship detection, image-sentence grounding and Visual-Question-Answering.

If you are interested in collaborating in research projects as "independent study" (e.g. 4CFU among the 6CFU assigned to Educational Internship and Other Knowledge activities) we have openings as well. I am happy to talk more either in office hours or by appointment.

Bachelor's Students

If you're looking for an internship ("tirocinio") in the area of AI, machine learning and computer vision (e.g. through StageIT) I am more than happy to supervise your work as "UniPD advisor". In that case, I strongly encourage to schedule an early meeting with me to discuss about the actual options.

PhD and Postdoc positions

Brain, Mind and Computer Science (BMCS) PhD program

If you are interested in doing a PhD within the VIMP group, you should apply to the UniPD BMCS doctoral program. The application deadline is usually in June and the next programme will start in October 2019. We suggest you contact Lamberto Ballan early (i.e. April/May) to discuss about the different possibilities.

Postdoc positions

Funding is tight at the moment, but we may be able to make it happen if there is a great research match. Please drop me an email if interested.

International Students


If you are interested in doing an internship in our group, we might be able to accomodate your request. Please send Lamberto Ballan an email with the subject [INTERNSHIP AT VIMP] explaining why you want to visit, and attach a transcript of your classes and a recent CV. Please note also that our department offers a few scholarships for students enrolled in a non-Italian university: check the selection announcement (the current deadline is February 15, 2019 at 12am CET).